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From Redbridge to Westgate

Via Osney Mead


This proposal is to build a cable-car system to bring people into the city of Oxford from a park and ride by the ring road. One aim is to limit the number of tourist coaches coming in to the city. These are some questions that people are asking about the plan:


Where will it go from and to? 

This scheme will go from Redbridge Park & Ride to Westgate via Osney Mead


Will it go over anyone's house?

NO. It is designed to travel only over green spaces close to the main railway line.


How high will it be?

The cars will run on cables suspended from pylons. These will be lower than the electricity pylons that run nearby and lower than the top of the ice rink where it lands.


Will it be very visible?

When the system is not running, people only see a wire and pylons


What times of day will it run?

It will run from morning to early evening for passengers, but could run at night for freight


How long will the journey take? About 9 mins


How many people will the system carry?

 It will take about 1,500 people an hour per direction to and from the city centre expandable to take 3,000 people per hour per direction


How many people will be in each gondola ‘car’? 10


Do people stand or sit in it? People will sit


Can luggage be taken on it? Yes some can travel in the gondola car; there could also be freight carrier cars for larger luggage


How noisy is it? The engines that power the system are at one end of the ride; the cars make no noise.


What powers it?  Electricity – preferably from green sources


What will people be able to see from it?

It will have views across south Oxford. Where this might mean seeing into people’s gardens, the gondola car windows will be designed to change to opaque to ensure privacy


Does the weather stop it operating?  

Normally only very high winds would affect its operation. These systems were designed for ski lifts in mountain areas.


Will it be useful for commuters?  

It is aimed at cutting the number of tourist coaches (which would have to park at Redbridge) but it could also be used by commuters and could cut congestion on the Abingdon Road.


Will disabled people be able to use it?

The gondola cars slow down at the entry and exit stations making the cars fully accessible.



Some further points that may be of interest. 


Where will buses and cars park in order for people to use it?  

Buses and coaches would be allocated space at Redbridge. There would be a rest room for the drivers. People will be able to charge their cars while taking the lift into central Oxford


Will it be a tourist attraction – if people can see an aerial view of Oxford?

It will be a very different and comfortable way to get to the centre of Oxford. At some points people 

may get a good preview of Oxford's tourist sites; at other points views may be limited by trees and buildings.


Will it cost the local taxpayers?

t is designed as a commercial enterprise and to be self-funding


Will it be more expensive than the bus up the Abingdon Road?

The cost of the ride will be based on the existing bus fare. For tourists the price of the ride would be built into the cost of their tour and be no more than a few pounds with the benefit of enjoying the ride into the City.


Will it be more expensive for tourists than using coaches into the centre of Oxford?

The idea is to prevent day tripping tourists from entering the city by coach. Drop offs at hotels and colleges will continue


Will pets be allowed on it?  Yes



What is the first date it could be operational after being given the go-ahead permission?

It should be possible to have it working within one year of planning permission.

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